My Children and the N-Word………

It is so hard to raise multi-raced children when you have some who called my children such despicable names like the n word. The hurt I see in their eyes when I try to explain why someone would do such a thing. I will give a prime example. I had won a drawing when I lived in Mississippi. I went to get my check and the people from the local newspaper were there. I said my son is with me can he get in the picture with me, because he is so happy I won. They looked around the room past my son as looking for another child. I spoke up and said he is my son.The lady looked and said oh, I am so sorry. Then said “he is so cute”. But had the body language as if she was struggling to keep composed from being disgusted. The paper people took our picture and then said our picture would be in the paper that next week. As we got to walking out the door, the lady asked “I was wondering where did you adopt your son from?” I turned around and said, “excuse me mam but my son is not adopted. He came from me! He is my biological son!” She was like I am so sorry I did not know, I just thought because he is____ and she just stopped I think she noticed I WAS NOT HAPPY!. I just walked out the door. As I started my car, I watched as the lady was talking to the people from the paper. They were obviously talking about us. My son was upset because I was upset. He kept saying “mom, what’s wrong, why the lady acting funny?” All I could say to him is that some people are just plain stupid. I had a million other words but those were the only nice ones that came to mind. We went to McDonalds afterwards. That next week, just as I had figured our picture was not in the paper but instead a recognition line stating I was the one who won. I have lived all over the Mid-West and in the South.Sad to say, I have lots of these kind of stories to share, everyday I will share one.



One Comment on “My Children and the N-Word………”

  1. Colline January 10, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    It is people like these who miss out! They do not get to know the wonderful people of another race.

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