A New Day

Hello to all my follwers. How have things been going? Good here. Finally got a lot of stuff straightened out, so everything is going good now. I was looking through comments and one popped out a nasty comment that I was lazy among other things that will be address in a minute.. As a lot of you woman know when depression gets to ya life, it just plain stinks. There is nothing I could do but go to the doctor. I felt really bad….

Anyways, fast forward. My husband went out and bought us a fixer up home and we are working on it together as fast as we can. Myself, and my family are all pitching in.

As far as me being sick, ah ha, the doctor finally found what was making me so sick!! My tyroid has basically stopped working so I went last week to get a biopsy on it, that was not fun at all!!.still awaiting the results.. I pray it is not cancer..But the good news, he has started me on some medicine to replace the missing thyroid hormones in my body……This illness is actually common in older women but this still stinks…but at least I know why I have been feel really bad more than normal..



Have a great blessed day everyone!!! Thank You over 1000 views….Hippie

To the person making nasty comments-you know who you are—

Ya, I would love to work but the fact no one will hire me because 1- I get sick often and 2- I am a liability because I have had a heart attack, have had many surgeries because of and a few other physical issues…… 3, I have 4 kids and only 2 ex’s, I had been with both over 5 years each!!, so kiss my ass. 4, I have worked since the age of 13 and worked my ass off for the last 20 years at jobs I could do. Yes I pay child support on 3 because I have my oldest with me, I didn’t leave my kids either, it was through a very nasty court battle ,simply- he had more money for a better lawyer, he lied his ass off, and family to back him…….5, My medical problems are genitic and can’t be helped. And lastly smarty pants I have been going to college as I can and have gotten a good education clearing me to be able to care for kids by the state of michigan!!!I get sick alot I am not a criminal moron!!!! My sickness has been discovered, I have a thyroid gland disorder. . I will attend family home daycare licensing orientation later this month in K-zoo. Lastly, my husband is a good man and simply messed up, shit happens. Been married for 4 years and been together for over 6 years and still going strong and I love him to death…………

When I made the video, I felt as though the world  was crashing in on me, I really felt bad!!!. I hope when you get sick someone makes fun of you and see how it feels..remember Karma can be a real bitch……..



2 Comments on “A New Day”

  1. lilbitcraze May 16, 2012 at 10:24 pm #


  2. lilbitcraze July 6, 2012 at 4:39 am #

    nothing, boosie is a good guy even hung out with my son for a bit

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