Why I love My Husband- Happy Anniversary

Being married can be a rocky road sometimes with all of the ups and downs. There are times I just plain get really mad and then there are the times like today that I remember why I married him(Larry) and adore him so much.

Larry is a down to earth guy. He goes to work everyday, comes home, and play his game until he goes to bed. He does not drink or do any drugs but he is a gamer. He is also a little on the old fashion side he wants me to stay home and let him worry about the bills. When he is not at work we are always together anywhere we go. Larry does not like to be out in the streets hanging out and does not keep friends, simply a home body. He will cook, clean, wash clothes or whatever if I have class, got to work, or whatever. He went to college for Web designing and is really smart guy. My son and Larry have gotten to be real close over these few past years. They are like 2 peas in a pod, it is funny to think just 5 years ago my son did not like him.

Anyways, my dear hubby came home tonight with the biggest grin on his face. I was wondering to myself “what the heck he was up too”, he just grabbed a hold of me and hugged me and said what you got planned for tomorrow because we are going out to eat. I just shook my head. Larry is always surprising me when I least expect it. Last year on my birthday, he gave me a box of 6 cupcakes with a candle in each one and some flowers on the nightstand next to my bed and woke me up early after coming home from 3rd shift job with a kiss and said Happy Birthday my dear, he made me cry with happiness that morning….

The thing that is so different about this relationship is that we are best friends and tell each other everything. My oldest son’s dad and I are still good friends but we just don’t got that click as a relationship needs. My youngest children’s dad and I are well to keep nicely not on good terms. I had put everything I had and tried everything but he always let me down. I really tried for over 8 years but he just got worse with his drinking, drugs, drama, and simply lost trust and faith in him.

I met Larry years ago during my nasty break-up from my youngest kids dad. I met him on the internet back when he was stationed in May port, Florida, when I lived in Florida. We played pool on Yahoo games every night. Funny how life works out I ended up actually meeting him sometime later when I needed someone to trust and he did not let me down. My family you see is not trust worthy, drug addicts, and all about money. I was at a real pass in my life. It’s hard when you don’t have a trustworthy person in your life to talk to about things that need to be talked about.

Anyways, we play cards together, watch movies together at home, have date nights, window shop, food shop, go to the movies, and love to simply go driving in the country. We love a lot of the same things, we both love living in the country and want to return back to Mississippi after kids are grown. Most importantly, we trust each other and enjoy each others company. There have been a few times he has really made me mad and I know I have done the same to him. I have to work on my temper and not be mean as he does not deserve it but I do not curse at him at all and he has never called me any kind of bad words, yelled at me, or hit me EVER. I make sure he has a lunch to take to work and always make sure he has some dinner when he gets home. I make sure his clothes are clean and in return he makes me happy. He loves me for me, buys me anything I want, and he loves my kids like his own as he does not have any kids. My husband was in the Navy for a term and all his family is military so he has a military way of discipline this is the reason my oldest son and him seemed to always bump heads when he was small.

It is funny how things really turn out, I had to go through 2 bad relationships to find my true prince. Larry is all that I need and want next to my children. When I was in the hospital a few years back for surgery, I was having a hard time coming out of the anesthesia as I was pretty sick, and when I finally came to, he was right there by my side holding my hand. The doctor said he was there the whole time. That was really important to me. He told me right there in the hospital he will always have my back and always be here for me. That is something. After, 6 years being together and 4 years married we are still strong as a rock. I promised though next time I get really mad at him that I would not post about it next time, as he gets a kick out of it now about the post about how he hurt me and I was serious at the time but he has well over redeemed himself since.

And these are the reasons why he is my prince on a white horse and my Dearly loved husband…..I love you, Larry, Happy Anniversary…



One Comment on “Why I love My Husband- Happy Anniversary”

  1. Lisa Summerlin May 16, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    Happy Anniversary! Beautifully written blog!

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