Life on The Upside

Well, life is starting to look more positive finally. The house we have been working on is finally getting to be finished, after months of working on it and going between houses until it is fixed is a pain.  The website is going good, finally making a little money at blogging not enough to pay any decent bills but hey got to start somewhere.. Thanks to all my followers, broke 2,000 views and over 96 LOYAL followers.

My kids are doing good, just talked to my 3 down in Florida. My youngest son is really into dancing which is awesome. My oldest son has finally painted his bathroom, lol. He was kinda mad because I made him paint his own rooms but hey there is 17 rooms in the house to paint he can paint his part. My son is doing better with the loss of his uncle recently, there for a minute I thought I was going to lose him to the streets until his dad really stepped up helping him out dealing with this situationThe hubby doing good. We are planning our 5th year anniversary for next May because he wants to do something special.

The house should be done in the next month or so then I can open shop, wow… But there has been a new direction instead of redoing the daycare license to the new address, my husband, cousin, kids, and I decided to open AFC home instead. This is more up my alley anyways. My oldest son is happy because he can work at home with me and finish his studies. My husband and I are putting the house up to get a loan to pay off old bills and finely get a good paid lawyer we need …..

The funniest thing that has happened is that my sister that moved down to live with my ex called my other sister for help because she was tried of his stuff. All I could do is laugh and shake my head. me and my kids laughed for a good while on that, she left her children and her husband to be with my ex, lol..

Good always come with bad…..My ex keeps leaving me nasty messages here on the site(lol, I can delete and moderate) which we all find funny because he is such a hater and wants to try to make my life hell. Ya, he used to make me really upset but know I just laugh because he is just so funny and a loser now because he is making my youngest 3 hate him and his mother…He has lost all his hair, fatter than me (lol, that’s what he gets for calling me a fat bitch for so many years), with my messed up sister, and hides butterfingers in his drawer from the kids…  My husband and my oldest son’s dad are the only one’s that doesn’t find it funny but instead sad because my 3 younger kids have to deal with it.  Funny thing is that once upon a time I really thought he was going to become someone and my oldest son’s dad wouldn’t be shit. I was proved wrong my oldest son’s dad got his shit together, doing great, and youngest kids dad is still dependent on his mommy… That time is  coming to an end fast only 2 more years, they can leave for good, and I can file restraining order to make sure he never speaks or contacts me ever again!!! I really hate that man… Everyday I get messages from my younger kids of stupid stuff they dad has done or my sister.I just pray these years he hasn’t messed them up to bad and keep them safe.

I have a great husband, kids, my step-daughter having a baby in October can’t wait, life is looking up….. Oh, I have lost 25 pounds too…yippie the new medicine I have been taking for my thyroid is doing great!!!!!!


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