Happy days are gone the drama is on. Part 1

Part 1

Happy days are gone the drama is on.

It is amazing how life can change without a moment’s notice. One minute you are floating on cloud nine enjoy life and all its beauty. The next moment life is just down right dirty and throwing you thoughts into a total nightmare from hell.

I was sitting there playing pool on the computer thinking for the stuff going on in my life. The custody battle for my children was taking its toll. The thoughts of the last ten years putting my life into a man that ended by running away with the help of the domestic violence shelter three years ago. I was still fighting with him only this time through the courts. I left with my children but the courts seen his version more favorable with his high paid attorney. How can this happen? I left this man running in fear of my life. How can the judge see him as a fit parent? He has a record three pages long. He had been convicted of domestic violence four times and has several other convicted charges. Legal Aid was found to be no help as they had denied my pleas for help. I had to go to court with luck on my sleeve and God over my shoulder. This was to be the critical error. The judge ordered me to Florida to meet with a court mediator. How could I get to Florida? I barely had the $400 for rent let alone money to travel all the way there and back.

Now you see at the time, I had a boyfriend at the time, his name was Greg. He was a good guy. I had known him since he was about 7 years old as he was a friend of my oldest son’s father’s brother. Greg and I had a common interest we both needed money. So, we worked together to pay bills and get the monies together for my court appearance that was required soon and money he needed for a lawyer. There was one thing I knew about Greg, he was a hustler and he got his money. I knew he had gotten into some trouble some time ago and we had made a plan. The plan was if anything went down I would got to Mississippi to have his back and in return I would be closer to Florida for court. Mississippi was only an eight hour drive rather than the sixteen hour drive from Michigan.

One day, we were heading home from being out in the neighborhood. I see the cop car off the right. I was trying to be careful and not bring attention to my car but the fact, my car was cherry red with a black rag top rolling on an all-white snow canvas along with 3 black men and a white chic driving was not good. There was no way out of being spotted there was only one way in and one way out to our house. I just knew Greg was carrying as he usually did. I made sure to turn on my blinkers before I turned onto the dead end street we lived on. Soon as I bent the corner, police lights came from both sides of the car, I pulled into the driveway. The police jumped out with guns pointing and hollering “don’t move”. I was in total amazement as to their overpowering method wasn’t even needed. My son who was in the house with his uncle came running out wondering what was going on. The police hollered at my son to get back in the house. My son yelled back “that’s my mom, I don’t have too”. I just shook my head and thought this is not good. Greg looked at me and said, “You remember the plan right?” I replied, “Yeah”. I had honestly didn’t think I would have to go through with the plan at the time I had agreed to it, but I guess it was time for me to step up. Well, Greg made sure I would go through with the plan as he had all the money on him and would not let me have it to pay the rent. So now I was left not only without Greg helping me but no rent money. This evening was a living nightmare for me.

I was in a state of total despair and had no one to talk to. I turned to the internet as I always did but, this time it was different. I was playing pool when all of a sudden my computer bell went off; this man instant messaged me it said, “Hello, how are you?” I was hesitated for a few moments. I wondered should I instant message him back. I thought it out for a few minutes what if he is a serial killer or something but then, the thought of having someone to talk to was over powering me. I instant messaged him back “Hello, I am doing fine, thank you. How are you?” I waited what seemed like forever. Then, the bell on my computer went off, “I’m fine, thank you for asking.” I was stunned I really didn’t know what to say next. Then, the bell went off again, “You want to play pool with me?” I was thinking to myself this would be nice to play a game and have a conversation with someone at the same time. I sent the message “sure”. My bell went off again it was a game invite. I accepted the invite and the game started to load. The game loaded and the screen said “you are now in room 231 with DJ2FACE”. When I see the name I think to myself, ok that is not a good name. This was a start to a whole new way of life to come………………..


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