I just had to blog this

As most know, finances have been tight but working hard so making trips to Florida have been not possible to see my youngest three kids. My sister’s neighbor got a good job down in Pompano Beach, Florida and her cousin that was driving the u-haul truck backed out at the last minute. So, she was at the house talking about it and it hit me, driving a u-haul- I can do that like I have so many other times, therefor I offered to drive for her. I explained I really wanted to see my kids in Florida. She was super happy and since I was saving her money by not charging her I can take my oldest with me too. We have to feed ourselves of course. She has a apartment already and we get to crash at her house as her son is a few years older than mine and are good friends… I had been praying for a way to Florida and GOD has answered my prays. I am so grateful and my son is super happy he gets to see his sister and brothers…  lol and the chics at the beach as he says….

Now, I just pray their dad don’t act to much of a butt because my neighbors brother is a Battle Creek City police officer and he does not like my kids dad at all. But the trip is going to be great as I get to get my son out of Battle Creek for a week and he can enjoy himself with all that has been going on and see my kids…..



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