I am working hard to get ahead..But holding on by a string….

I am just like alot of American these days. I am working much harder for much less money. I was making more money at age 25. I struggle on a daily basis. Today, I had the decision to either pay the electric bill or the internet bill. I don’t have enough to pay both so it was a obvious decision to pay electric bill first. I just got the pink slip in the mail. Demand for Possession from the landlord because I have no money for rent because of my husband’s mess up. We just happen to be one of those families that is on the verge of losing everything…living paycheck to paycheck.This one mess up has a major cost…being homeless.

Then, the food situation is also gotten to be a problem. I had to go and apply for food-stamps as the cost of food is becoming a problem. I am not the biggest coupons person but I find myself looking for coupons more than ever now. I was just at the store yesterday to buy some eggs. I usually by the 5dozen box at Wal-mart. I was amazed the price had jumped to almost $10 from $6 dollars just 1 year ago.

I love to write so now i find more time to write because I am unable to find a job. I have literally put an application to every place in town that would accept an application. I have registered with Michigan Works,  many different wed site job markets and nothing has happened. I call to inquire about my applications every other day..I just started to write for the yahoo contributor http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1493037/lilbitcraze.html  Even if I only get paid $20 a month that will still be more money than I had……

People tend to look upon family to help when times are tough but what about the people that don’t have that opportunity, no family support? We have no family to help us nor know of anyone in a position to lend a few hundred dollars to get us through this tough time. DHS won’t help because they say we make to much money.. $1656 a month. Ok that is before taxes so deducted that and then deducted transportation to and from work everyday, utility bills, and insurance. After this leaves maybe $200 to buy house needs like toilet paper and toothpaste.

The only thing I an do is pray for a miracle…………


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