Another Example of choice of Words

My oldest son was at school one day and he had forgotten something at home, i don’t remember what it was, but I know I had to take it up to my son’s school. We were still living in Mississippi at the time. I had started to walk towards my son’s class when I heard the teacher talking not very nicely to a student. I peaked in and seen the teacher talking to my child. I did not say anything as I walked into the classroom. The teacher literally told my son “your kind are not permitted to do that” I looked at the teacher and said out loud what does that mean? playing it off.  The teacher replied with a smirk ” this student think he can just play with everyone and everything he wants to”. I  said “and so what the hell does that mean cuz you are talking to my son, bitch”. I know – I know not good choice of words in an elementary class but I was hot!!! The teacher looked as if she sucked on a lemon, started stuttering, then she yell and pushed the call button for the principle to come. The principal came to the room and asked that we moved to the office. Know I am thinking because the principal is a black man he would understand my anger. Wow, I was clearly wrong. That man had the audacity to try and explain the way things are done in Mississippi is much different than Michigan, that children pretty much keep to their own race even though the school is not segregated. I looked at him with pure amazement and replied “dude this is 2008 and my son can play with who ever he choose and what ever toy he chooses as any other child white or black…and if you got a problem with it I will be making a few fricking phone calls and I had better never hear not one damn person in this school disrespect my son just because he is multiracial or in your eyes got that straight”. Man, I felt the flames of hell going through my blood veins. I felt kinda bad because I didn’t conduct myself in a better manner but I was just short of beating the crap out of the teacher and the principal, that day.

Sad to say, this was not the last time it had happened. I had to removed my son because the white kids were starting to steal his lunch money, give him bad wedgies to the point I had to take him to the hospital, stuffing him into lockers, calling him a half-nigger, putting their hands on my son, and nothing was being done by anyone. Then, when my son hauled off one day literally knocked the white kid out, and took his lunch money back; my son got in trouble even though my son was just defending himself. The complaints I had made fell on deaf ears. I had never experience anything like this before. Nobody seemed to give a crap. They keep saying my son had anger problems….I responded that last day” that white kid got what he deserved for messing with my son over and over again..and you fuckers wonder why he has anger problems ya’ll some hateful prejudice bastards” and we walked out the door making sure to slam the door.


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