School Bullying- It Hurts and Makes Children HATE SCHOOL!!!!

School Bullying has gotten so much attention in today’s news that I feel proud of the media as they are bringing attention to an issue that has affected me a great deal when I was a child.

When I was a small child, I lived out in a nicer neighborhood and went to a good school. The school I went to didn’t have any minorities at all. The neighborhood was middle class white folks that was in a rural area of Battle Creek called East Leroy Township.

My life was hell in school on a daily basis. For one, I was the smallest girl in the class. Two, my dad was known as the neighborhood drunk and caused alot of trouble. My dad often started projects on the house and never finishing them leaving the mess everywhere in the yard; therefore, leaving our house a complete eye sore for the neighborhood. So, I got picked on about that, I had no friends and my mom was beat on a daily basis, she didn’t help. The ride on the school bus was torture the kids would hit me, spit and throw spit balls at me, call me every kind of name in the book. Some days, I would intentionally miss the bus and go out into the woods to go fishing in the lake all day.There were days I was so scared I would run home from the bus stop not even stopping if I dropped something. I about the 5th-6th grade the bullying elevated to a high point when my dad passed out in the front yard of the pastors yard because the pastors daughter was in my class. That next morning I cried pretty much all day until the principal took me into his office and then took me out to lunch. He was a really good man, he talked to me often to make me feel better. My clothes were often in poor condition and at times still dirty from not getting washed and having to wear a second in a row. I flat hated school and tried to skip when ever I could. I liked learning and the school work but I couldn’t never think straight.

Then, My mother left my dad when i was 13 years old. We moved to an area that was primary all African American or Black which. I was totally lost I had never been around any black folks and I was the only white girl on the block. I made some friend pretty quick and I also learned how to fight as a black woman in the neighborhood stood up for me and showed me the ropes of life; I still use today. I had transferred to a new school but I still didn’t fit in. I like learning but my friends were in the stoner or troublemaker crowd so I felt outta place doing homework or “being so white” and got made fun of. So, I quit school in the first 2 weeks of the 9th grade. I just plain hated school…………………..My parents never did one thing to help me nor my first set of did my foster parents…

Ironically, I feel more comfortable sitting in a room of all black folks than sitting a room filled of white folks because I get nauseated worried about if these white folks are going to make fun of me.

Funny thing is now, there was one girl from early in my childhood that really bullied me badly. You can now see her frequently at the neighborhood druggie hangout looking like a straight up crackhead…Yes, I know I am wrong but  when I first seen her there I made sure she seen me. I straight up laughed in her face. I knew the guy she visited regularly and was a good friend of mine. I lived it up for a few but now I just feel sorry for her.


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