Here is the update for: Why Would my Husband Get Us kicked out of our Home..

Well, first off let me say when I wrote the original I was really upset. I still am upset but I have new information to add.

My husband did mess up but not as bad. The last purchase he made had double charged him along with him not counting the money he spent right. He showed me the bank receipts and I figured out what happened. He simply didn’t  realize some purchases he had made had not posted yet, so  he thought he had more money to spend so he spent it and then the last purchase he made double charged him. So, when everything went through it caused a negative balance so the bank added their overdraft charges. So, when his paycheck was deposited it pretty much took it all but $70 dollars..ouch painful. So, now he has me doing the check book balancing so that doesn’t happen again. But now we have to add to being behind on the rent, an electric bill shut-off notice. Geezee I swear it never ends..


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