A New Strategy for The New Year…A New Hope

Wow, the new year is finally here and already on a path to misery for my personal life.  Not even two weeks ago, I was on cloud nine with visions of great success in the near future. This seems to be the stories of my life. One minute up and a second later crashing to the ground.

I was just looking into publishing my book on my own after numerous fails dealing with publishers. I have been working on getting my home daycare together in the mean time as a source of income. I am all the while thinking my husband has a good job and has got my back. I have for many years worked my butt off and always paid the bills while husband held the light load. But recently, I have had some medical issues preventing me to work hard like I used to. So, all my dreams of becoming a famous writer became a dream I could reach. I now was suppose to be carrying the light load. Then I have my youngest kids father being a jerk yet again. I had to spend money on court paperwork I didn’t have to spend in the first place.

Yes, I know I have been ranting and raving this past week about things going on in my life but let me put that into perspective. I have no one to talk to nor trust in my life; therefore, my rants and raves are the best I can do far as letting out frustration as most folks have a friend, sister, cousin, mom, or someone that is there when a person is needed for advice or just to talk to. My calls to my sister were unanswered and the few friends I did have are of my husbands family. If anyone has been through that before like I have those relationships tend to be restricted. I literally have no one to call in times of distress and frankly if i disappeared nobody would be looking for me is my son. I have had sometime to think and time to play with my thoughts, I have came to a resolution to my dilemma. I see a path a little more clearly.

I have been stressed about getting kicked out of this home I am in that is just short for being condemned. I am living in a low income house that the landlord is a known as a slum lord. I have been putting some money into the home for it to be liveable. I have had a rash since about the 2 weeks of moving in this home. I have been to 3 doctors and all three have said the rash was due to the bed bug bites irritating my skin. Yikes, yes bed bugs. I need to move anyways. I think maybe this is a struggle to put my priorities back into perspective, I will starting back to school in about 2 weeks. I have been wanting to get my books published. I was just referred to a place to get e-published, which means I publish an e-book for very little money. The same amount of money I pay to on a weekly basis for this stupid home. So, I realized I need to stop being worried about the house and get this book published as the little bit of money I spend on this house will be more invested if I publish an e-book. If the landlord evicts me it will take him 30 days to get me out and by then I will have some money, my taxes.

So, I have came up with a new plan for the year. I will publish one of my books within the week. I have to get an editor to look it over. I have look into hiring a editor at my college. I have found someone I will meet later this week. Now, far as the rent all I can do is pray that things will improve as I can only do so much. My husband is suppose to help correct his error. I can how ever use this frustration and write until my fingers hurt, blog, read others blogs and leave comments to get attention to my blog. When I get a little bit of money later this week, I’ll pay for the editor to look over my book as she charges $15 an/ hour. So, I will do my best to keep it short..LOL.. Ya, I know that maybe a task but hey I am on a very very tight budget. I will also gather more information on marketing and try to learn more of the business and how it works. I will be praying the whole entire time hoping something will give either way. I will be in a better home for me and my son by the end of the year if not sooner. If my husband doesn’t get right, well, the divorce will go through. I am just tired of being tired of living in low income housing. I want out for good. I put such faith in my husband to do right that I put my self vulnerable, a thing I normally don’t do. I need to get back on my feet and do this………not only for me but my 16 year old son I have with me. I just ask for everyone to pray for me……


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