Dreams of Harvard University


Dreams can be scary. Dreams can be heart filled. My dreams seem to give me directions on where to go. I have a dream to be a big success one day. I just had a dream I graduate from Harvard University a place I have always wonder how to get to. I currently go to a community college and about to graduate from there. My dream had me going forward to Michigan State for My Bachelor’s Degree and then I went to Harvard University for my Master’s degree. Wow, really. I woke wondering just how much that would that cost in real life? Let’s see I am ready in debt about $30 thousand from going to college. Another 2 at michigan State and 2 years at Harvard…yikes. Well, if I keep working hard something will happen. I would love to go to Harvard and stand in front of the John Harvard Statue, someday.(LOL. or I may just visit to see it)….. Well, at age 38 I will still keep going to keep the dream alive……………………………………




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