Behavior’s and Language……reading to your child

I know some of you probably want to say forget what I am saying. But seriously, the behaviors and language you show your child when they are small will bit you in the butt when they get older. I have seen a great difference between my children as I had them. My oldest, I was quit a bit unruly and mouthy and I displayed that in-front of him as a young child verses with my youngest child she is much more reserved as Ihad more reserved behaviors. I also read a lot to my youngest and she also get much better grades as well. Yes, I know all children are different. I have seen and worked with children of all different income levels and races and the number one thing that I have noticed with children is that if the parents tend to curse a lot and be unruly the children most often are too.

You may think just because your baby is small that they can not understand you. But, you are very wrong. Reading to your child helps your child with socialization and it help establish the bond between you and your child. Your child hears you speaking believe me they are listening and taking some notes.

Yes, you constant vocabulary is being recorded by your child even before they can actually talk. That’s is why so many experts have done studies on children as early as 6 months old. If a child is taught sign language they can in fact tell you what they want before they can say a real actual word.

It saddens me when I hear a small child say words like #hit or #uck, when they are learning such bad language at such an early age. They could be learning better language skills by parents simply re-framing from using those words in front of them. One of my favorites is “oh crap”. I have found a lot of young mothers these days get tickled when their child says “#hit” for their first words. That often means that word is said A LOT. Take the time out to have real conversations with your children as they are watching you to learn the language. Once your child reaches about 12 months old, it is time to kick into helping you child correctly pronounce words. I mean don’t constantly ridicule them for incorrect vocabulary.  I mean if your in the grocery store cursing someone out in front of your child for example they being slow that is just showing your child that behavior is alright to do.


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