Why did Mitt Romney Blame Obama for the Economy

ok, normally I do not get too involved with politics but I feel the need to say something about it. I just watched the news on Channel WWMT channel 3 here in Battle Creek, MI. I could not believe what I heard. Mitt Romney literally said Barack Obama was to Blame for this economy. Please correct if I’m wrong but Didn’t Barack inherit this mess!!! Hell we are in the worst economy crises since the depression did ya think it was going to be easy to get out of this mess…I really hate when politicians try to make a point but with bad information just like when Palin was talking out in California about Reagan’s college and totally blew it. I normally vote the person I feel is best to do the job. Anyways, this time around I really don’t know. I do not like Newt guy at all… I actually like Gary Johnson. I like alot of his views. But if he doesn’t get the rep spot I am reelecting Barack because this is no different from when FDR was in office why change in the middle of this crap give it time to cycle through. Barack I think has done pretty good with a really bad situation and for Mitt Romney to just flat Blame Barack is plain wrong.. Get the facts right. I am wondering who in the heck is writing his speeches cuz it sounds like the same person the wrote Sarah Palins….wow…..Plus Mitt recently went out after Newt with some very distasteful advertisements. I simply do not like his type of politics.



One Comment on “Why did Mitt Romney Blame Obama for the Economy”

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