My Spirit, and Child pure aspect of honesty

My spirit can get wary. The way I help my soul,seriously. I get my bible and start reading and when I am finished reading a passage, I close my eyes and shuffle the bible and just point to something. It is amazing I seem to always get a passage or story that up lifts me and ultimately makes me feel better.I often tell my kids about the stories I read. I had once read the story of Miriam and Aaron Numbers 11:12. I f you have a good understanding of geography in the region this occurred you would come to the reasoning that Moses wife was of a dark skin woman from Ethiopia. Miriam was cast out the village for sinning (speaking badly about Moses and his wife). Miriam had leprous that affected her skin color.

My oldest son was only eight years old at the time. We were living in Mississippi at the time. My son looked at me with the most seriousness look on his face and said “Mom is that why all the people at the church downtown have so much cancer?” Wow, that was a real interesting thought. Myself and my son had went to that church one time and when we walked in, the people gave us the most disgusted look. I even heard one person have the audacity to say “how dare her bring that nigger in our church, it is not good showing up in God’s house with such disrespect”. Well, being that we were in Gods house I dismissed the comment but we never went back to that church ever. Many of the people at this church have indeed been stricken with cancer of some kind. I was just totally amazed at my son’s comment. It really put the issue into perspective. I wondered and responded to my son that maybe very well true, son.



One Comment on “My Spirit, and Child pure aspect of honesty”

  1. kshama January 4, 2012 at 8:50 am #

    I’m amazed and proud that you have chosen to bounce back despite the many setbacks in your life. It’s great to know about your decision to pursue higher education. I’m sure there are many who are going to be inspired by your achievements.

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