Black/White- Good/Bad- Poor/Rich WTH…..what happened to just people

ok, my sister came by today for a hot second to give my son a present…surprise I got a gift from my mom..well nicely intended but my son needed more than I did..he needs new clothes already..going out his Even though it’s been awhile, thought the holiday would be a little different, Happy being around family but ya know what the sad part is I really remember why I left battle creek back in 2006…Family is to worried about their own life when family is supposed to be everybody in your family and not talking about them behind your back and only being nice when it conveniences them so they feel like they are participating in a family members life…being family..when I was little I remember my grandpa fussing at folks to make sure to be at grandma’s house for dinner, why because it was important to her. I promised my grandpa I’d become someone..but ya know it’s hard when people judge so fiercely.
I remember my dad’s mother told me one day she didn’t like having anything to do with me because I mess with a black responded by asking her well why when I was dating a white guy you didn’t talk to me either and 2nd my cousin’s baby is just as dark as my baby and my grandma loved that baby and even babysit. when m cousin got thrown out of her house my grandma held her arms out to welcome her..I don’t even get a barroom book of matches to keep myself warm. When I was young yeah I did some stupid stuff who hasn’t but these last 10-12 years I have worked really hard to get it right but soon as I do somebody does something to me or well should I say the devil tries to beat me into the ground. I pray in tears some day’s asking why me. How is it that I am trying to start a daycare DHS calls me saying that they had a report I abused a kid..who’s kid the only I have had at my house is my sister’s and my son’s aunt. I pray my sister had not hurt me again and I know for a fact my son’s aunt didn’t do it.The DHS worker responded that the person did not leave any details and that by law she had to just check. ya I know but that call was still recorded and I bet that is why my license for my daycare is being held up!!! Well it was just like when I was drawing disability someone called them and gave a big bogus story I was defrauding them. I am quit sure who it is doing it but after so many times of so-called different complaints it makes someone look bad. I don’t know how to stop my ex. He is determined to destroy me and I don’t know how to stop him. I do want a car because im afraid it’s going to have lost lug nuts again when I try to drive it and get into an accident. Yes, one day me and my son went to go to the store and one of the tires straight rolled off the car, somebody mysteriously unscrewed all my lugs nut on my car to the point they where literally hanging by a tread, the tow truck driver even said I was very lucky I wasn’t driving fast it could have been allot worse. Or like the time I went to leave the house backing out of the drive-way wow no brakes. Upon getting my brakes fixed, the mechanic discovered brake line was cut in half… I have tons of medical problems but I still try to work and do all I can. working in the home is best for me as I have discovered and know what to do, I can deal with my issues at home and not worry about getting fired cuz I have to go home for my medicine or leave because of a bad asthma attack. I am good with children, always have been.I now try to get a home even on land contract I need like $6000, wow that is a lot. All I can do is save and been working on it.. Now what, my ex is suing me and so is his mother(whom hates me she thinks I am the reason her son does drugs and drinks) and requested the court to consider that I am married to a guy that works a lot. Wow how did he know that?? I know but will keep to my self…A act of kindness and really wanting to look out for someone I truly care for, has bit me in the ass by letting them close to me and may even be the culprit that called DHS on me who knows..But yet just another devil’s foot stomped on my dreams and now I have to put it back together again. Now the one person that ever stood up for me and told anyone off when they said wrong about me is gone. This is the second real person in my life I really needed, my trusted adviser,the person I could always talk to about problems or issues. My husband I can trust most of the time he always stands by me but doesn’t tell if I am in the wrong on somethings he’ll just go with it.I love him dearly but he is a guy to heart. All I can say is on my knees is lord please answer my prayer and show me the path in which I am supposed to go..Because i am lost…………………………………………………..


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